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Ph.D. in Communication 
sciences and Disorders

Program Requirements

Residency Commitment

The Ph.D. degree program in Communication Sciences and Disorders requires a full-time commitment (with the exception of Au.D./Ph.D. enrolled described below). Each student who is accepted into the program works with faculty on a regular basis that will help to hone skills and to sharpen the research focus. Furthermore, each student will be expected to conduct research and pursue scholarship activities that will inform classroom teaching and lead to meaningful presentations and publications. Consequently, applicants are required to sign a statement confirming their commitment to full-time status before they may be admitted to the program. 


Upon admission to the Ph.D. program, students enroll in a series of required courses in the doctoral core, in the research core, and in the area of specialization. Ph.D. students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 each semester. Once coursework is completed, students must successfully complete written and oral comprehensive examinations to be eligible for candidacy.

Ph.D. students enroll in a minimum of six (6) credits of research, extending over at least two semesters, under the supervision of their mentor and/or other faculty researcher(s) working in related areas. Typically, the focus of these research credits will be on the development of independent research skills through involvement with ongoing or forthcoming projects in the mentor’s research program. Each student will be expected to present at one or more scientific meetings, submit one or more manuscripts for publication in relevant peer-reviewed journals, and submit one or more grant proposals for external funding before graduating.

Au.D./Ph.D. Enrollment

Students with dual enrollment will work closely with his or her program of study committee in determining the appropriate Ph.D. coursework while completing the Au.D. degree. Following completion of the Au.D. degree, it is expected that students adhere to the residency and curriculum requirements as described above. 

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