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Audiology Research laboratory

The CSD Audiology Research Lab, located in 350B Allen Hall, supports basic and applied research using middle ear (e.g tympanometry), inner ear (e.g. otoacoustic emissions), brains stem (e.g. acoustic reflex measures, masking level differences), and cortical measures (e.g. gap detection) and audiometry including extended high frequency audiometry. The lab also allows measurement of hearing protector effectiveness using probe tube measures (from 1000 to 6000 Hz) and behavioral measures across the frequency range.

Lab Equipment

double wall booth
Double-Wall Sound Attenuating Booth
Used for conducting hearing tests, including special tests such as masking level difference, temporal integration, loudness growth, tonal decay, and extended high frequency audiometry. The audiometer is connected to a DVD layer to allow the administration of special auditory processing tests. 
Used for evaluating middle ear function and middle ear acoustic reflex tests, including acoustic reflex latency and click rate induced facilitation of acoustic reflex thresholds. 

Access to Other Equipment

Access is available to other equipment, including a sound level meter, dosimeter, and equipment for measuring auditory evoked potentials. This equipment is located within the CSD department. 

DPOAEs (two recordings) from the right ear of a 55-year-old woman with normal auditory sensitivity. The data was obtained using otoacoustic emissions equipment in Dr. Rawool's lab.