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Laboratory for Fluency Disorders

Completed Projects

November, 2015: Preliminary results of the POSHA-S/Child were presented at the annualASHA convention in Orlando, Fla.

Summer, 2014: Ken St. Louis and doctoral student Mary Weidner met with researchers Sertan Ozdemir and Egemen Balo at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey. Collaborations are underway to translate the POSHA-S/Child and gather data on Turkish children’s reactions toward stuttering.

Summer, 2014: The first annual Stuttering U. was hosted in conjunction with Marshall University. The event was comprised of a 2-day workshop for SLPs and a 3-day camp for children who stutter and their families.

Spring, 2014: Chelsea Kuhn, a second year master’s student, recently conducted a study to investigate changes in adolescents attitudes toward stuttering.

Spring, 2014: The results from the POSHA-S/Child pilot study won first place at theCEHS research forum.

Spring, 2014: A pilot study was conducted using the newly developed Public Opinion Survey on Human Attributes-Stuttering/Child (Weidner & St. Louis, 2014) to investigate young children’s attitudes toward stuttering. Fifty-three children ages 3-7 across WV participated in the study.

Fall, 2013: Ken St. Louis hosted the inaugural Stuttering Attitudes Research Symposium in Morgantown, WV. The event drew leading stuttering experts from around the world to discuss issues related to stuttering attitudes, stigma, bullying, and areas for future research.