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Speech & Hearing Laboratory

Research in the Speech and Hearing Laboratory is focused on examining how listeners utilize information from the high-frequency region of the speech spectrum. Specifically, our goal is to understand the contributions of high-frequency energy in the speech signal for perceptual tasks. The lab is co-directed by Dr. Jeremy Donai, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Norman Lass, Professor, in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Current recent research projects have focused on the perceptual information available for gender identity within the high-frequency region (above 3.5 kHz) of naturally produced vowel signals. Also under investigation is the use of high-frequency information from naturally produced speech signals for gender recognition in noise.

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Opportunities For Students

If you are a current or prospective undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in working in the Speech and Hearing Lab, please contact Dr. Donai.

Interested in pursuing a PhD with a concentration in speech production or speech perception? The lab currently has openings for doctoral students. Funding may be available. Please visit the  Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders website for more information on our PhD program. Because the CSD Department’s PhD program is designed to be a highly individualized experience, please contact Dr. Donai or  Dr. Lass regarding your research experience and interests to help determine if the Speech and Hearing Lab would be a good match for you.

The lab is equipped with MATLAB© for signal processing, data collection, and analyses. In addition, the lab also utilizes ePrime for behavioral data collection and analyses. Working in the lab will expose students to these important research tools.

Recent Publications:

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