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Speech Motor Control Lab

The Speech Motor Control Lab is located in Allen Hall on the WVU Evansdale Campus. 

Research in the Speech Motor Control Lab is focused on examining speech production at the level of memory processing.

Our current research projects evaluate two contrasting memory representations: 1) rule-based motor programs and 2) instance-based memory packets. Current models of speech motor control exclusively rely on rule-based motor program representations; however, our work suggests that instance-based memory packets or both types of representations may be operating during speech production.

Our current research projects are aimed at understanding what learning parameters encode and retrieve each of these types of memories, e.g., does instructional bias impact the transfer pattern of specific memory representations? Additionally, we are interested in evaluating whether a single memory type is used during speech production or if both types of memory representations are involved in fluent speech. If both memory types are present, our inquiry is how these memories interact during varying skill acquisition stages during motor learning.

To investigate these questions, we use a variety of experimental paradigms from cognitive psychology, general motor control theory, and models of speech motor control. This interdisciplinary approach provides a variety of experimental designs and analyses to aid our exploration of the question of memory representation, including priming, accuracy control parameters, as well as kinematic and acoustical analysis.

Join Us!

If you are a current or prospective undergraduate or graduate student who is interested in working in the Speech Motor Control Lab, please contact Dr. Meigh.

Once we begin conducting our study, we will be looking for young adults who would be willing to participate. If you are interested, check back in here again. We will be updating this as the need for participants arises.

Dr. Kimberly Meigh
Assistant Professor, Director of Speech Motor Control Lab
805E Allen Hall