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Speech Motor Control Lab

Lab Staff

Dr. Kimberly Meigh

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) at West Virginia University (WVU). I am also the director of the Speech Motor Control Lab, and our aim is to evaluate speech motor control at the memory level. Clinically, I am interested in enhancing treatment outcomes with populations with motor speech disorders. To achieve this goal, our aim is to establish what memories are being learned during novel and well-learned speech tasks. However, in the future our aim is to use the theoretical memory representation work developed in the lab and translate it into meaningful, effective clinical speech treatments.

Allison White

I am a second-year speech-language pathology graduate student, and I work as Dr. Meigh’s graduate assistant. The brain and all of its intricate inner workings fascinate me, so I am very excited to be a part of the speech motor control lab team and to have a chance to study neuromotor aspects of speech production. My clinical interests involve adult neurogenic communication disorders, and I hope to work with this population after I graduate in December 2015. A research-based doctoral program may also lie in my future.

Ashley Massart 

I am a first-year speech-language pathology graduate student. I am volunteering as a research assistant in Dr. Meigh’s Speech Motor Control Lab. I wanted to help out because I have a great interest in learning about the neuromotor aspects of speech. My clinical interests are in adults with neurogenic communication and cognition disorders, and I hope to work with this population once I graduate in May 2016.

Gabriella Kovtun 

I am senior undergraduate student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. I am an undergraduate research assistant in the CSD Speech Motor Control Lab. My primary area of interest is with the geriatric community and specifically with the motor aspects of the speech mechanism. As a Speech Pathology and Audiology student, I relish the opportunity to help contribute to the broader academic and practical discussion about speech and motor control.