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UNDergraduate program in
Speech PAthology and Audiology

Guidelines for Pre-SPA Honors
College Student

Note: Up to 45 students with the highest grade point averages who have fulfilled all of the requirements will be accepted into the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPA) at the conclusion of the spring semester of the sophomore year.

  1. Contact the College of Education and Human Services’ Office of Student Success in 710 Allen Hall by visiting or by calling 304.293.2169 for inquiries or to schedule an advising appointment.
  2. Learn how to register for courses by visiting the Undergraduate Admissions website.
  3. Become familiar with the requirements of the Pre-SPA program by visiting the Pre-SPA Program Requirements page.
  4. Register during the freshman and sophomore years for the courses required for application in the spring semester of the sophomore year (a minimum of 58 hours required at the conclusion of the spring semester of the sophomore year). View suggested course sequence for honors students.
  5. Maintain the required grades:
    a. minimum grade point average (3.00)
    b. minimum grade "B" in both CSAD 200 and CSAD 270.
    c. a grade of "C" or higher in required GEF (or CEG, if appropriate) courses listed on the Application Form.
    d. 80% or better on the required Qualifying Examination (will be administered in CSAD 200)
  6. Visit for Honors College Graduation Requirements. Students may receive 10 hours of the 16 required to be a Dean’s Scholar or 25 required to be a Presidential Scholar by taking required SPA classes noted on the site. Students who opt for the Thesis requirement may receive an additional 3 Honors credit hours. It is especially important for those who desire to graduate as a Presidential Scholar to begin taking GEF Honors classes.
  7. After reviewing your Pre-SPA Checklist (see GEC Checklist or GEF Checklist) to assure you've met all the requirements to apply, follow the instructions available on the Apply for Admissions into the SPA Major page), and submit all required application materials by March 1. Applications will not be accepted after that date.
  8. Upon receiving notification of acceptance into the SPA Bachelor of Science program, students must confirm acceptance immediately by filling out the Online Acceptance Form

Note 1: Pre-SPA students who are interested in Certificate programs or in declaring a minor should visit the Undergraduate Certificate Programs or Suggested Minors page(s) for more information. Some of the required CSAD courses may also be counted toward some of the certificates.

Note 2: Students interested in becoming a member of the Honors College should visit or e-mail

Note 3: Study Abroad

Because of the sequence of required courses in the Department, students interested in studying abroad should schedule such opportunities either before the junior year or during the summers. Studying abroad during the junior and senior years will result in delayed graduation. Information may be obtained by contacting the Office of International Programs in 336 Stansbury Hall, 304.293.6955, emailing, or by visiting the following websites: