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Undergraduate Programs in
Speech Pathology and Audiology

Important Honors Student Information

Important Honors information is available at  


Presidential Honors v. Deans Honors

What is the difference and which is right for you? Please see Honors College Graduation Requirements.

Earning Honors Credit in CSAD Courses 

Students entering the Honors College during the Fall 2016 semester or earlier should read about Honors for A’s.

1. Enroll in the Honors lecture of CSAD 270 Effective Public Speaking. 3 hours. 

2. Independent Study/Research
Departmental research projects and/or independent study experiences may count toward Honors credit hours. For more information, please visit the information page.

CSAD 495 A-Z. Independent Study. 1-3 hours. PR: Consent. Faculty-supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

CSAD 496 A-Z. Senior Thesis. 1-3 credits PR: Consent. 

CSAD 497 A-Z. Research. 1-6 hours. Independent research projects. 

3. Contract Courses 
Students may also receive credit for a non-Honors course by contracting it as an Honors class. By adding some extra course requirements (usually through more intense reading requirements, a special paper, and/or a final project), students receive Honors credit for the non-Honors course. In order to do this, students should contact their professor before the semester begins or very early in the semester to fill out a contract form (see Contract Course Information). The form, when completed, must be returned to the Honors College office within the first weeks of the semester.