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Undergraduate Program In
Communication sciences and disorders

Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders

Students are first admitted to the Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders (Pre-CSD) program during which time they will complete the pre-requisite coursework to apply for admittance into the Bachelor of Science program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS-CSD). All Pre-CSD students are assigned an advisor in the College of Education and Human Service’s Office of Student Success in 710 Allen Hall. Students enrolled in the pre-CSD and BS-CSD are strongly encouraged to review the Undergraduate Handbook for the students enrolled in the program to understand the policies and expectations. The most current handbook as well as undergraduate forms can be accessed here.

Important Information and forms for Pre-CSD Students:

Employment and Graduate School Options with a BS in CSD

Students with a BS in CSD are qualified to seek employment or graduate school admittance in programs beyond a master’s degree in speech-language pathology or a clinical doctorate in audiology. Students may want to consider minors in business administration, human services, health promotion, medical humanities and health studies among others. These additional skills will provide a background for employment at nonprofit agencies, state and federal agencies, and other educational or healthcare related employers who provide assistance to or work with individuals with disabilities. Similarly, graduate study can be pursued in healthcare administration, health professions education, education, law, legal studies among others. Interested students should work with their advisor to explore these areas.