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Undergraduate Programs in
Speech Pathology and Audiology

Apply for Admission into the SPA Major

Once all the program requirements have been met, Pre-SPA students seeking admission to the Bachelor of Science program in Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPA Major) must download and complete the SPA Major Application, below. Once completed, the SPA Major Application, along with a current copy of your DegreeWorks Audit, must be uploaded (in PDF format) and submitted via the online application submission form. 

Download SPA Major Application (GEF)       Online Application Submission Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a GEC student (i.e. you enrolled as a freshman at WVU prior to Fall 2016), please instead download and submit the  SPA Major Application for GEC students.

Be advised that no applications will be accepted after March 1.

Confirm Acceptance

Students will be ranked according to their overall GPA for all undergraduate courses taken. Up to 45 Pre-SPA student applicants with the highest cumulative GPAs will be admitted to the B.S. degree program at the beginning of their junior year.

Once applications have been reviewed and verified, students will receive a letter notifying them of the Department’s tentative admission decision. Students must confirm acceptance to the Speech Pathology and Audiology Major by filling out the online form, available at the link below, within one week of receiving notification of acceptance.

Online Acceptance Form

For Questions, call (304) 293-4241 

Students who are not admitted may re-apply to the major by March 1 of the following year as long as they maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.