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Undergraduate program in
speech pathology and audiology

Suggested Minors

SPA students may decide for themselves whether or not they wish to pursue a minor; however, the following areas related to speech-language pathology and audiology (and subsequent employment in those professions) are suggested:

Students interested in obtaining a certificate and/or a minor should visit A complete list of minors can be found at  

Procedures for Declaring and Completing a Minor

Students declare minors once they enter their major fields of study. The following steps should be followed to ensure that completion of a minor is appropriately recognized and posted to the student’s transcript:

  1. A student interested in completing a minor (or minors) works with his or her major advisor to incorporate minor requirements into schedule planning. Students are welcome to consult with advisors in the minor department. Students who wish to complete a minor in music, women’s and gender studies, leadership studies, or ROTC must work directly with advisors for those programs; 
  2. Complete an Academic Status Update Form  with their advisor; 
  3. When completing the Application for Graduation, the student indicates the minor(s) for which certification is requested; and 
  4. The student’s major advisor/major college advisement office certifies that all minor requirements have been completed and reports both major and minor certifications to the Office of the University Registrar on the Tentative Graduation form. Women’s and gender studies and music minors are certified by those programs.

Note: Minors are only awarded at the time of the conferral of a baccalaureate degree.